A Slice of Americana

A little while ago - two guys were sitting at a bonfire in Skunktown ....

wait - don't know about Skunktown - really?  (pour a drink first, this is a long story)

We are finally going to let the cat out of the bag.......

Contrary to popular belief, the Garden State was actually named correctly.  Away from the Oil refineries, airports and NYC garbage dumps.  On the opposite side of the state from The Jersey Shore, one can actually find rolling hills, endless horse pastures and thousands of acres of farmland in NJ.  Located not far from where George Washington crossed the Delaware river to march toward victory in the war that granted us our freedom is the small hamlet of Sergeantsville.  The proud home of the last functioning covered bridge in NJ, our home happens to have an interesting history - the history of Skunktown.

As early as 1794 are records of our town being referred to as Skunktown.  The exact origins of the name are  rather obscured - so believe what you will.  It may be from a family of skunks occupying a signpost hole, it may be from skunk pelt traders finding small riches from their quarry, or possibly from the overgrowth of skunk-cabbage - whichever you choose, we are Skunktown.  (speaking of skunk-cabbage - ask us how our skunk cabbage vodka came out)

So how does Sergeantsville come in?  In 1827 we decided to ask the government for a critical point of communication - the post office.  The challenge?  The powers-that-be decided that Skunktown was not a proper name for a post office location.  So we began the search for an acceptable alternate.  Thanks to Green Sergeant, a Revolutionary War hero, we had the source for our new town name: Sergeanstville.  Please come to visit - we have our post office, general store, and Inn (where you'll find our products in stock shortly).  Grab a drink, check out our rolling fields and relaxing streams, but watch out - lose focus for too long and you may go home with a souvenir: being sprayed by our white-striped friends!  

(refill drink)

ok, where were we -- two guys were sitting at a bonfire in Skunktown pondering life.... when they came up with an idea.  A company that will be more about it's ethics and relationships than it's success.  

See, we believe that we are like you.  Deep in our very souls is the desire to realize the American Dream. Much like our forefathers, we will question why we do things rather than evaluate it's financial return.  To be focused on how our products, their creation and their distribution, can positively affect future generations.

We believe that people will see our nature, and the resulting premium product; then will be willing to make an investment, in two guys' fireside dream...

- in a slice of the dream that is  America.

Made in America - remember that tagline?  Well it seems to be making a comeback, and we are on-board.  Not to "ride the marketing wave", but because we are Americans.  With all it's flaws, it's still our country and we will stand behind it.

Our products are created with as much locally grown ingredients as possible.  To reduce the impact on our environment and support our neighbors.

We won't focus on the bottom line, we will focus on customer satisfaction, quality products and our integrity. If that puts us out of business, then so be it.  But we won't compromise who we are for financial gain.  We create our products with our friends and family in mind, not investors or accountants.  

So purchase our products with that confidence - they are meant for friends and family .. 

Who's making your drink?

We know, without a doubt, that our products could not be made without one critical ingredient - freedom.

And that freedom was paid for with blood, tears and lives.

That's why we give a percentage of every sale of our product to the Wounded Warrior project - to give back to those that fought for our freedom.