Skunktown Distillery

Oaked Rum

Apple, Cinnamon, Maple Syrup, silky liquor to be enjoyed straight or mixed, this is a new breed of Apple Pie Moonshine  

Enjoy in a Skunktown Mule: 1.5 oz Apple Pie Moonshine then fill with sharp ginger beer.

Vodka not your scene - well we aim to please.  It's hard to top a nice rum-based refreshment with friends.  So our very next focus was delivering a warm, earthy rum to enjoy.  

With complex notes throughout the experience, and an oak backing to the entire taste; it's easy to understand why many regard our Oaked Rum as very whiskey-like.  But make now mistake, you can't miss the Rum foundation.

The very foundation of our distillery began with "what about Skunktown Shine".  From there came Skunktown Distillery, and everything else.  Our focus is to create shine that everyone will enjoy. 

Vodka - Distilled from potatoes, what else?

One of the first farmers in Sergeanstville, Thatcher would have delivered Rye to Tyson's Mill, Sergeantsville's first distillery, around 1760.  A similar rye, grown on local farms, was used to create this Whiskey. 

Why fight to make a drink that masks off-flavors of a lesser product when you can start with clean smooth rum.

That was the focus for our silver rum – providing the rum bite that is pleasurable in a drink while complimenting your drink's ingredients.

Silver Rum

Spicy Vodka

We hand pick our potatoes to ensure nothing but the best in our Vodka, from the start. 

Our Vodka receives close attention and our highest scrutiny at each step to ensure you pour a clean, smooth vodka each time you pour from one of our bottles!

Gold Manor Farms Apple Pie Moonshine

We love heat!  So we added to our garden, the world's hottest pepper.  It's an "obvious" next step to throw a Carolina Reaper into our vodka so you can fire up you night!  

But be careful, this one has enough heat that you don't realize you're even drinking alcohol.

Thatcher's Rye Whiskey